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A1/A3 drone license

€ 30,00

You have your drone and want to fly, but you need a document A1/A3 to do it safely?
We understand if you have problems with exams and are able to do it for you.
Its a shame if you are an exelent pilot but cant do exams because of failure fear.
We can provide you with this document, and a list of the rules you need to know to fly drones.
Take the shortcut and save your time (5 to 7 hours of learning and exams) and let us worry about that.
Buy and contact us with your details for further information.
Get your A1/A3 in your mailbox within 48 hours.
Valid in total Europe for 5 years.
For this you need to get in contact with us trough the whatsapp button on the bottom.


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