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Drone lessons for Traumatised people from UA

€ 1,00

I am someone who helps people from Ukraine.

Housing / registration / bank accounts / transport from UA to the EU / etc etc.. i try to help as much as i can.
Alot of these people have trauma`s or just simply can not relax because of all the problems and stress they had in Ukraine.
For a few years i am a licensed drone pilot and i find it a very nice satisfying hobby. I went with my cheap GPS drone to a shelter and wanted to see if there was any interest in flying from these guys and girls. In no-time i had a crowd around me asking me questions and guys with big eyes…. and even a little smile from some.
Then i came up with the idea to give a few of them lessons in flying.
I have a group of 10 - 15 young guys and girls that would love to learn how to do it, and i let a few try to fly a little under my guidence.
So what you buy here is a gift to young people from Ukraine.
From donations i buy cheap GPS drones for lessons.


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